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Israel: Jerusalem

Von 9. July 2014May 28th, 2018No Comments

In Jerusalem I really regretted not being that well versed in the Bible because it seems like every other alleyway in the old town is of great religious historical significance. Surrounded by ancient city walls, it is home to Jewish, Christian, Muslim (and other) quarters. Each of them are vibrant and full of the hustle and bustle of daily life. On my first day there I got lost in the maze of alleys, but it was great fun exploring them, even though we also have our fair share of old towns here in Europe.

Visiting the Western Wall is a must, even for those who aren’t religious, with the Friday prayer being the best time to go. The atmosphere when the worshippers gather at the wall just before sunset is unique, which despite the tense political situation was peaceful and positive.

Things became much more tense a few days later after the bodies of three boys were found, who were presumed murdered. There were riots in East Jerusalem, the aftermath of which was still visible on the streets the next day. Unfortunately this meant that the Temple Mount was also closed to non-Muslims since a large number of militants armed with stones had allegedly entrenched themselves there.

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