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Indoor Portraits on Film with Alex

Von 7. November 2014May 28th, 2018No Comments

I felt like trying out a different type of photography. An indoor session for one, and also on film. Actually I had quite a few films sitting in my fridge for a while. So I was happy when Alex agreed to model for a few portraits. Plans changed along the way, though…my medium-format Mamiya film camera refused to cooperate after a while, so I had to switch to my Canon film camera. Also, the weather and light outside was so good that we decided to throw in some outdoor shots for good measure. In short, it was great fun shooting film. The great thing about it is, as my friend Andy recently wrote: after taking the shots, your work is essentially done. No Lightroom, Photoshop for finetuning etc, just get the films developed and that’s it. So great. In addition, you’re forced to control photo quantity when using film, and I really like the look of the photos. This was certainly not the last time I shot on film. Of course I couldn’t help but taking some shots using my digital camera. I’m leaving it up to you to figure out which ones are on film and which ones digital.